Meet Mel Bohnenkamp, known by most as MoPar Mel. His passion? Restoring cars. But not just any car, only those made between the years 1956 to 1961, although I do take on some that are between 62 and 70 but only those made by Chrysler Corporation. 

In his specialized world, Mel is famous. For out of his shop in a small Minnesota town, come cars that are sold all over the world.

Filmmakers buy his cars for movies set in the late '50s or early '60s. Oh, for example he says, there was that one with Michelle Pfeiffer, "Love Field," a 1992 film about the early 1960s. "And I see one of my cars in a movie on TV every so often."

About His Work



Mel sells about a third of his cars overseas to people, who like Mel, are hooked on the looks of Chrysler Corp. Cars from that era. He also ships quite a few parts for those cars overseas, since they aren't available there.

He has about 600 cars on his lot to be used for parts or awaiting restoration.

Check out his work on this site and and check out his one of a kind cars. Click here to see his current Chryslers for sale. Contact Mel for any questions about Chrysler restoration. He may have the parts or answers for you.