How does Mel do that!

This is where some of the Christines hang out.  The car that got me started  in this whole adventure! After seeing the movie, I just had to have one. Owning an auto body and engine repair shop, I knew I could build one.  So I started looking around for one. Man, they were all over the place. So I bought one and started and it took me almost a full year to build the car. I had to watch that  movie Christine at least 50-60 times to see what they did to the car to make her the way she was.  I used a fury to build it up, which was a mistake. Should have kept the fury and built one out of a Belvedere!  When someone offered me $5,000 for it, I couldn’t turn it down and from that point on, I'd build another, then sell it and do that over and over again. Soon, I didn’t need the body shop anymore as I was getting calls from all over.  And that’s how MoPar Mel's Classic Restorations got started!

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MoPar Mel can supply you with the following new reproduction parts plus more in the process. Contact me for more information.

  • Headliners -- 1957 to 1961 Dodge and Plymouth cardboard headliners
  • Weather striping -- 1957 to 1961 Dodge and Plymouth (almost all pieces)
  • 150 MPH speedometer for 1957-1958 Plymouth
  • Christine interior kits
  • Stencils
  • Trunk liner kits for 1957-1961 Mopars
  • Front and rear radio speakers for 1957-1961 Mopars
  • Firewall insulation pads
  • Big Block motor mounts for 57-59 fined Mopars
  • Custom tuck rolled trunk kits
  • Headliner plastic retainer strips 57-middle 60’s

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And the Christine's keep comin' and comin' and comin'.....

Lotta Christine cars I've done but a lot of people want em'. Here's a 1958 Plymouth special order car.

Heres a beauty. No coins held back building this 1958 Plymouth.

Meet number 47 of the 58 Plymouths I've done...never get tired of them though!

My latest Christine movie car clone - fresh off the line.