How does Mel do that!

"I try to start on a her on a Monday,  by the end of the week, all her chrome is ready to be sent off, the interior is in my truck for the upholstery shop, and the engine and trans are totally disassembled so I can see what I need for parts and get them ordered.  Now I can make one trip to the upholstery shop, drop off the chrome, engine block and crankshaft. Now, I'll take inventory of anything I'll need and start looking for or ordering.  From then on its body work, painting, and start to put it back together again when there is a rainy day, put the engine and trans together., that way, there is not one day or hour that is wasted. When I'm ready, everything is waiting for me including chrome, engine block, trans, etc. With this type of format, I can generally do a complete car in 3 months,  maybe more depending on how much body work there is to do."

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